90-second pitches need to start a conversation

To concisely articulate something in 90 seconds is really tough, you need to think about how you’re starting a conversation that the listener wants to continue.

A short pitch to investors should include a number of the following elements:

  1. First you introduce yourself
  2. The problem are you solving and how
  3. Tell me why I should care – what’s the benefit?
  4. Who’s the competition
  5. What’s the revenue model
  6. What’s your addressable market
  7. What’s your route to market
  8. The team – why these particular people at this particular time?
  9. What are you asking for

Ensuring a pitch has a clear beginning, middle and end, and working transitions between each statement helps build confidence and ensure you can convey the idea behind your business accurately. Structure is your best friend.

Take a breath and let your voice drop, it will help you centre. You will appear more professional.

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